Importance of PhD in India

Want to know how important is PhD/ Doctoral Research in a country like India ?

Doctoral research, yet another name for Ph.D is a discipline that has certainly gained wide importance in our country these days. Ph.D is considered as the highest level of an academic degree one can pursue in India in today’s time.

If you think you are dynamic, self-motivated and possess that curiosity and intelligence, then pursuing Ph.D. is certainly the right career option for you.

If there is any single thought in your mind that Ph.D. should only be taken up as the discipline/degree if you want to get into academics; then, here we will tell you about the career prospects you will be delighted to know if you are planning to pursue Ph.D. in India.

There is no denying the fact that the employment prospects for a PhD holder are vast in academic institutions. Though, at the same time, with the boom in the medical and IT sector in the country, a number of pharmaceutical and IT companies are now investing heavily in R&D functions. In fact, the doctoral graduates in other fields such as humanities are in good demand in NGOs and research firms.

Other career options include journalism, broadcasting, education, public administration, law, medicine, finance, consultancy, IT, science, engineering and technology.

Employers in almost every industry look for the candidates with strong analytical skills and independent thinking.

Additionally, as PhD graduates, you will be getting frequent opportunities to travel abroad on various research projects/assignments. Also who does not like to get called as a doctor!?

So, are you ready to take up this new challenge to embrace your career.

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