Are you afraid of statistics?

fear of statistics
fear of data

Are you afraid of statistics…?

Do you fear data analytics just because you believe that there is a lot of mathematics involved. This blog is to break your myth. So here are some points which can rule out your fear of statistics.

1. Statistics is not mathematics.

You need not to revise your secondary or senior secondary maths book. But yes it is a lot about your research curiosity. We fear statistics when we see ample equations and believe it to be an algebraic expressions. It’s true that this is algebra but we need not learn those mathematical formulae when we wanna explore statistics.

2. Urge to research

One may experience that one can overcome all the fear by just awakening curiosity to explore. As a matter of fact, if there is an urge to research you can cross all the hurdles just by arousing your curiosity to explore things in depth.

3. Statistics is just a science.

You need to think scientifically and logically in your approach. Statisticians design survey, analyse and interpret data, discover trends, explore movements and variations and so on.

4. Statistical software will do the work for you.

It may include mathematical measurements but this is only a small area for one to cover. Today statistical software have made it easy to by pass those mathematical calculations making our jobs more convenient.

So if you really wanna be a statistician you need not fear your maths quotient. Just focus on your research curiosity and you will get through easily.

Wait for our next blog to know more about specialities of some research software

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