Access to Retro-viral Drugs : Global Scenario (2012-2017)

World Scenario

  • Global access to Retro-Viral drugs in 2012
  • Global access to Retro-Viral drugs in 2017

As compared to the year 2012, the access to Retro-Viral drugs has improved in almost all continents by the year 2017. Data is not available for China, North America and Parts of Eurasia for this study.

Majority of African countries had under 40% access in 2012. They had improved and re-positioned themselves between 40% to 80% range in 2017.

India had access in range of 35% in 2012. In next 5 years, it increased it to more than 50% due to various government programs and schemes.

Russia due to non-clarity of data retains less than 40% access in 2017. Though it also shows improvement from less than 20% category earlier in 2012.

Pakistan and Afghanistan being war prone area and unstable governments in these years. Hence, due to low focus on improving general health no major change is observed.

All countries in South America have shown major improvement in 5 years from 2012 to 2017. They still have a way to go as the leadership positions are still held by 1st world developed nations of Scandinavia, Australia and Western Europe.

Gender-wise Study

  • Retro-Viral Drug Access in 2012 for Female
  • Retro-Viral Drug Access in 2012 for Male
  • Retro-Viral Drug Access in 2017 for Female
  • Retro-Viral Drug Access in 2017 for Male

UN and different governments of the countries consider women as part of weaker section of society. This can be attributed to the fact that most of the societies and cultures are patriarchal in nature. Hence, the UN and the governments focus on upliftment and welfare of women in general and health and education in specific. This results in women having better access to Retro-Viral drugs than men in most of the countries. The above 4 charts represent gender-wise access to Retro-Viral Drugs in 2012 and 2017. The overall condition has improved for both genders but men still lack behind women consistently.

Data Courtesy : World Bank Open Data

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