Turn on AC & say goodnight

Can ambient temperature have an effect on your sleep quality? Are you having a proper sleep? Huge data collected in US with 765000 respondents over 10 years suggests the same. With this research, the researchers found out the relationship between temperature change and sleep quality. The study focused on respondents from low income group and elderly since they are more prone to impact of changing temperature. This study also relates how global warming have adverse health impacts.

Sleep is vital for sound working of human body and mind. Several studies have shown the results of lack of proper sleep ranging from long term diseases to weight gain and to stress. Bad sleep quality is associated with inadequate repair of skeletal muscles, inefficient brain working, compromising immune system and unregulated metabolism apart from heightened risk of cardiovascular diseases, depression, cognitive performance and diabetes.

This study sheds light on how probably we can control conditions to have a proper sleep quality. Our body cools down while sleeping by dilating blood vessels. This enable heat loss from the cores which has been accumulated throughout day by several activities. Once temperature lowers down, it remains low throughout sleep till just before waking. Increased ambient temperature interferes with this process. Exposure to high ambient temperature affects the core body heat shedding. Hence, if you are not getting enough sleep and feel tired, maybe the cure is in there in your Air Conditioner remote. Just grab and try and do let us know!

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