Journey from IQ to Spiritual Intelligence

In 4th century B.C., human intelligence was compared with blocks of wax. It is because people may differ in color, size, moistness and level of intelligence. In that era, intelligence was based on intellectual level of mental understanding. Also intellectual deficits were considered to be overly hard. This was the time when Plato and his supporter Socrates believed that intelligence organizes everything. Therefore intelligence is the reason for everything. These ancient philosophers believed that intelligent people have more comprehensive skills compared to those with low level of intelligence. Things came to change in Eighteenth century, when philosophers believed that mind has no substance. They formed the belief that it was an active process which converted sensory inputs into a coherent and meaningful experience. This term was named as ‘apperception’. It was in late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries that the construct ‘intelligence’ gained a lot of popularity. The massive boom in this area led to exploration of the subject both in scientific theory and research. This led to the increased inquisitiveness of researchers and academicians towards other types of intelligence beyond IQ. Thus ‘spiritual intelligence’ came into picture.

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