Hey friends, today we are here to discuss a very fresh, contemporary and a youth oriented topic. We all live in a time and age where information is just a click away. We people are swayed by enlightenment brought by social networking all around us. Isn’t it? Don’t you keep a check whether your friends have seen your last WhatsApp story, or how many likes you have got on your uploaded picture on Instagram and Facebook or who checked in where or who is with whom, or who isn’t with whom anymore (you know what I mean, right!).

Great writer G. B. SHAW once said, “It is the mark of truly intelligent people to be moved by statistics.” So let us take you to a journey of some interesting facts.

Growth of Social Media Users worldwide

This graph (source: eMarketer) shows the growing number of social media users worldwide from 2010 to 2016 with projections until 2021. Till 2021 this will rise up to 3.02 billion users; quite a number, people! In 2019, it is estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users around the globe.

Monthly Users on various Social Media platforms

It seems as a necessity nowadays to be on a social networking platform. It is believed that “social networks aren’t about just web sites”. They are about experiences, interactions, exposure to altogether a new world”. Do you guys agree with this fact?

We all users want to know, read, judge or understand about a post and then we either opt to speak about it or just keep that analysis to ourselves & move on with that perception. It is one of the biggest elements that we live with and cannot shrug it off. But the biggest question that arises here is that whether social networking sites are good for our society or not? That whatever we inculcate from these platforms is worth our time.

We all know that it’s difficult to answer but it has to be addressed. Here are some of the interesting facts related to social networking sites which might change your perceptions towards how you use this platform.

  • According to statistics, average number of hours a teenager spends online is 72 hours per week. Isn’t that too much friends?!
  • 93% of marketers use social network for business purposes.
  • Would you require evidence that we’re visual species? Today, more than 3.2 billion images are shared on social media. So which picture are you going to upload this week?
  • Humour win. Men and women are equally likely to share funny videos or articles and news content on sites which we usually called MEMES.
Do you use social media in bathroom?

Whether this incredible power of social networking is a blessing or a bane, is a big question? I think it can be both, since there are reasons to follow. It can be a blessing because:-

  • Information spreads faster online than any other media. You know what! More than 50% of population learn about breaking news on social media.
  • There has been an overview directed where youngsters grasp that web based life enable them to speak with companions and reinforces those connections. It’s been recorded that 52% of online teenager’s state web-based social networking have helped their companionship.
  • Social media is a best promotion tool to reduce marketing expenses and to target the customers too directly increasing the number of subscribers. This is showing the strong relationship between internet users and social media.

Companions recollect that life resembles a section, one resembles joy to peruse and other resembles a torment to compose, just a single side is noticeable at once, however recall the opposite side is hanging tight for its turn as well.

The other side enfolds the bad side of social networking sites. For instance :-

  • While grades did improve for light users, the grades of students who are heavy users of social media tend to suffer. One study shows that student users have an average CGPA of 3.06 while non-users have an average CGPA of 3.82.
  • For every 93 minutes over the average 106 minutes spent on facebook daily, college students’ grades dropped by 12 points.
  • Cyber-bullying is a commonplace causing online emotional trauma, and can sometimes even leads to suicide. 49.5% of students reported victims of bullying online and 33.7% admitted to online bullying.
Cyber-bullying on Social Media

We’re getting to a size where it’s really worth taking a careful look at what we can do to make social media the most positive force.

Why do we research anything? What is the justification for it? Friends remember “research is to study what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has ever thought.”So keeping this in mind, we have found interesting news that Facebook, Twitter, TikTok are going to Develop ‘Code of Ethics’ to Prevent Misuse During Polls. The Election Commission (EC) urged internet companies, including social media platforms, to come up with a model code document for themselves on the lines of the model code of conduct for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections as well as for the future. They, in turn, agreed to come up with a code of ethics, which would lay down the operational rules for the industry- the poll panel said . WOW…were you all aware of this information earlier?

Guys these social networking sites are upgrading each and every day but ar we people using them honestly? Let me give you an example of a knife. We all know that knife is an essential tool in our household, kitchen but it can also be used a lethal weapon to hurt or even kill someone. In the same manner friends’ social media if used properly can be a boon, if not a curse. It all depends upon how we people use it either Wisely or Unthinkingly.




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